Vivarium – Thirteen Images after Danielle Rae Miller (2022), is inspired by a series of ink on paper drawings by visual artist Daniel Rae Miller. The thirteen musical tableaux of this mixed-ensemble piece take flight as sonic reflections of Miller’s drawings, following the contours and elaborating upon the content of each highly textured and intricately detailed image.

I. Iris with Cicada – TUTTI

II. Sacrum with Honeybee – DUO: flute, viola, finger-snaps

III. Iguanas with Milkweed – QUINTET: clarinet, guitar, mezzo, violin, viola

IV. Sunflowers with Luna Moths – DUO: clarinet, mezzo

V. Yerba Monsa with Ribcage – QUARTET: flute, guitar, violin, viola

VI. Pelvis with Datura – DUO: mezzo, viola

VII. Sacrum with Hawk Moth – TUTTI

VIII. Ribcage with Moths – DUO: guitar, violin

IX. Vertebra with Roses – QUARTET: flute, clarinet, guitar, violin, viola

X. Pelvis with Roses and Moths – SOLO: mezzo soprano

XI. Fine Shrine – DUO: flute, clarinet

XII. Heart with Chickweed – QUARTET: flute, guitar, mezzo, violin

XIII. Beetle with Poppies – TUTTI

Composer / Sonic Explorer